Wreck This Journal – Day 15 – Draw Lines While In Motion On the Bus, On A Train, While Walking

Mar 12 2014 Published by under Wreck This Journal


The only outside activity I’m going to be doing today is going to the spin class at the local gym, which I can walk to. I briefly thought about doing today’s journal activity in the class but soon remembered I’m not a complete weirdo, so I wrote in the journal while walking round the house.


My handwriting isn’t much worse while writing on the move than it is when I’m stationary, really. And I used to have such nice handwriting, too.

If you really want to know what it says, it’s:

lines are a bit boring so I’m going to write stuff while I walk round the house instead although I’m not really sure what to write but writing and words are just lines on a page anyway, aren’t they? My hand is starting to ache a bit now so I think I’m going to stop walking and writing and go and make my lunch. bye bye Smile

Deep, man.

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