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Wreck This Journal – Day 22 – This Page Is a Sign – What Do You Want It To Say?

Mar 19 2014 Published by under Annoyances, Wreck This Journal


There was only one possible thing for a sign to say today.



If, however, you have been moved by all these attention-seeking selfiers (is that a word? Probably not. Ho hum) who probably got so lost in the ‘OMG, LOOK AT ME, I’M SO BRAVE FOR POSTING A PIC OF ME WITHOUT ANY MAKE UP ON’ ‘DON’T BE SILLY, HUN, YOU’RE GAWJUS’ stuff, they forgot to donate, and want to donate to charity yourself, you can choose a charity that doesn’t test on animals from this list.

I’m an over-40 female. It’s my prerogative to be grumpy.

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Words/phrases/cliches that annoy me

Feb 14 2012 Published by under Annoyances

I’m sure there’s more, but these will do for now. Anyone want to add anything?

1. Sleeps (i.e. ‘3 sleeps until Christmas’)

2. Interwebs

3. Internets

4. I ‘heart’ …

5. Go figure

6. A ‘cheeky’ …

7. The thumbs up sign

8. Air quotes

9. Other half (especially written as OH)

10. Nom

11. Fankoo

12. Crowdsourcing

13. That’s how I roll

14. Chillax

15. Boom!

16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

17. Reach out (i.e. We reached out to O2)

18. One and all (i.e. Merry Christmas one and all)

19. t’internet (or anything with t’ in front of it, i.e. I was in town t’other day [it’s ok for northerners to do this though])

20. Basically

21. Literally

22. Can I get (i.e. Can I get a pepperoni pizza please?)

23. Mahoosive

24. Über-(anything)

25. It’s a given

26. It’s a big ask

27. To die for (when talking about food)

28. Smashed it (as in ‘you totally smashed it’)

29. Nailed it (as in ‘you totally nailed it’)

30. At the end of the day

31. Oh my days

32. To be fair

33. I’m not … (e.g. racist, being funny, etc.)

34. No offence but/with respect…

35. In other news …

36. Doable

37. It does what it says on the tin

38. Inbox (as a verb, i.e. ‘inbox me’)

39. My bad

40. Simples

41. Mummy blogger

42. Mumtrepreneur

43. What’s not to like?


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