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A funky raw short story

Feb 27 2012 Published by under Fiction, Flash fiction, Publications

You may remember my short story I Can See Through People was read out last year at a White Rabbit’s Are You Sitting Comfortably event. Since then, it has been published by Ether Books (a free iPhone app which allows you to read stories on your iPhone) and then my friend Astrid mentioned to me that she was writing an article for Funky Raw Magazine (a quarterly publication covering raw food, nutrition, raw recipes, wild foods, consciousness, poetry, permaculture, and more) and that the editor said that he was looking for short stories.

Astrid didn’t have any stories of her own that she could tweak to fit the magazine (and hadn’t, at the time, the time to write a new one), then she remembered my story (which is about a girl who – after a bicycle accident – can literally (and I mean ‘literally’ in its proper context) see through people, which comes in handy when she’s out on a date with a bit of a twat in a vegetarian restaurant).

I made a few changes to the original story (e.g. changing the vegetarian restaurant to a raw food one), sent it off to the editor, Rob, who liked it and printed it in this month’s edition which is available in printed form or as an ebook.

I think this is my first short story to be printed on proper paper with pages that you can turn and everything.

Here it is on paper (well, it’s not, it’s on your computer screen, but you know what I mean):

And here’s the recording of Gareth Brierley (one of the organisers of White Rabbit) reading it out last year.

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Ether Books, short stories on the move

Aug 31 2011 Published by under Ether Books, Fiction, Flash fiction

Ether Books publish short stories, poetry, articles and serials for the iPhone and iTouch (they’ll be available on more platforms soon). They’ve published fiction by authors such as Sir Paul McCartney, Fay Weldon and…


When I first heard about Ether Books, I thought ‘who the hell would want to read a story on their phone?’ but then a friend and fellow OU coursemate Astrid said that she’d had a few stories published by them (as had another fellow OU coursemate Rachel) and so I downloaded Astrid’s story (Snails – check it out, it’s really rather good) to my iPhone and was surprised at just how unlike reading it on a phone it was. You really didn’t notice that you were reading something on a small screen.


A few weeks later, I submitted a story to Ether and a few months later received an email saying they had accepted it.


Oh yes, I was just a bit thrilled. Look, here I am, in a list of authors.

Did you hear that? I’M IN A LIST OF AUTHORS!

The free app is very easy to use. You can browse by bestsellers, what’s hot, authors or genre. Any story under 1,000 words is free, the rest are 69p each. Each story is accompanied by story size, a bit of blurb and you can read the first page before committing yourself.

My stories ‘And The Bride Wore Black‘ and ‘I Can See Through People‘ are available via the free Ether Books app and more information is available on the Ether Books website.


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White Rabbit: Are you sitting comfortably

Jul 14 2011 Published by under Fiction, Live lit, Video

Last night (as you’ll know if you are a friend on Facebook or following me on Twitter where I have gone on and on and on and on and on about it) I had a story read out at a local event organised by White Rabbit.

It was held at The George Hotel, Ashford and the room was decked out in a 1950s Mad Hatter’s tea party style with the tables covered in flowers, playing cards, cucumber rolls and, most importantly, cakes.

The theme was ‘secrets’ and my story was read out by Gareth Brierley (who is one of the organisers, along with Bernadette Russell).

Gareth totally ‘got’ my story and read it out exactly (if not better) than it sounded in my head.

The other stories that were read out were so great, I was honoured to be a part of it. At the end, we were all given a copy of our stories, beautifully bound.

Thanks to Peggy at East Kent Live Lit for giving me the push to submit my story and thanks to White Rabbit for a fab evening.

Thrilled doesn’t begin to cover it.

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