Kit Kat


  1. I love your haikus (is that the plural or should it be something weird?). They have a lovely twist of humour and pathos.

  2. Thanks Shannon! (According to my OED, the plural is either haiku or haikus)

  3. ok then, we are free to choose (about the plural!) – a.

    I find it at least ironic that when I was normal weight I tried to buy smaller fit clothes and squeeze myself in them and was under the impression im very very fat and was buying a lot of books on dieting (well, im talking about teenage years). I wasnt even classiefied as ‘overweight’ let alone obese’ back but I remember being obsessed about my belly and stuff (also my best friend was too). I thought that I will never have enough money to buy plastic surgery here and there.

    And now a decade later, that im fat indeed I always buy larger size than my exact size clothing cause 1) they are more comfortable, 2) they say that they make me look ‘smaller’ no matter how big I am (and I believe that, I mean, seeing sometimes people in my size wearing very tight clothes is exposing the bulk in the bodies in an ugly way).

    I say all this cause I think this haiku you wrote is about self body image which is a huge theme for women (and dare say men these days, lol). – A.

  4. can i share an anxiety here?

    I cant wait to meet my tutor…I ‘ve so many questions. poor guy/lady 😛

  5. You can share what you like here, Anna!

  6. this is definately a favourite here is how to do jeans and have your kit kat.

    evil angry machine,
    delivers challenge with grin,
    sixty minutes pain.

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