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No, I’m not talking in some kind of teenage (actually, I wish it was just teenage but far too many middle-aged people do it and I find it kind of creepy) internet/text speak, but the DHL man pounded on my door this morning bearing gifts.  Ok, not exactly gifts, but a package bearing the words URGENT – EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS ENCLOSED containing my OU A215 Creative Writing Workbook (nicknamed the Big Red Book because it’s … oh, you work it out …), an Assessment Booklet containing all the info for those scary TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) that I will undoubtedly leave to the last minute, a Course Guide which contains handy tips like I’ll need a computer with at least Windows 98 on it and a 56kbps modem, a Study Calendar which tells me what I should be doing and when, a Study Guide which tells me how to do what I should be doing when I’m doing it, a TMA form in case I don’t want to send the assignments electronically (and if I had a 56kbps modem I’d probably take them up on their paper-based offer) and 4 audio CDs containing interviews and stuff with authors.

Three weeks, one day to go.

Not that I’m counting or anything.


  1. read it yet? Haha, I read a few chapters in the garden but not doing written exercises yet. How on earth do you find time for blogging? Did you have some web-design knowledge, it`s really good. I`ve not viewed much yet, but am impressed.

  2. Thanks Fiona, I can’t take the credit for it though, it’s just a WordPress template (albeit a very nice one).

    I haven’t looked at the BRB yet, still going through the course guide and the TMAs (which look very scary, especially the reflective commentaries we’ll have to do).

  3. Holding out on my Big Red Book until tomorrow. It keeps watching me as I purposefully shun it. It’s going to be my reward for completing a dull grammar assignment! I keep telling it, that it’s special, and I WILL grow to love it during the next few months, but seems it keeps on sulking! I’m beginning to worry that it will turn on me – and insist that I do a TMA by the 30th October!

  4. Is that a grammar assignment for another OU course Lynne?

  5. This must be the first course I’ve done in which I’ve not really delved into the course book yet. I don’t know – I sort of feel enthusiastic.

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