Staple gun haiku

I was out cycling in this green and pleasant land, when a horrible little kid decides to shoot at me with a staple gun.  I was not impressed.  However, having unfortunately left my machine gun at home and unable to pump him full of bullets, leaving him a pulpy, bloody mess on the road like a squished bunny, I merely went home and decided to write a haiku about it.  Like you do.

I never got this kind of thing happening in London.

Stupid countryside.

Boy shoots with staples
Acting tough in front of friends
I need a big gun


  1. Let that be a lesson to you – always sling the big b****r on your back. Unruly children, guns – oh how often that thought has crossed my mind. I enjoyed this very much.

  2. Thanks Shannon. I thought I should probably let it inspire me to write something rather than just spending the rest of the day wanting to kill that child.

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