Morning pages and A Dictionary of Colour

I’m not entirely sure what morning pages are.  Are they just whatever comes to mind when you first wake up?  I’ve been writing down my dreams, but I decided to write down what I saw out of the window  this morning, which turned into a freewrite.  I like freewrites.

Mist, can’t see in the distance.  On a landscape, desolate.  Morrisey’s bicycle.  Cars with their headlights on.  One cottage stands out above all the others.  Two windows.  A green hedge.  A gold car.  Cars going slowly.  Brake lights on.  Yellow chimney pots.  An empty bus.  Golden headlights.  Beams.  Rays.  Sunlight.  Blue sky.  Just getting light.  No streetlights.  Cat hungry.

Now, had that not been a freewrite, I could have utlised my new Dictionary of Colour and looked up something more descriptive than “green”.

How about:

mushy-pea green
sludge green
spinach green
swamp green
ocean green
rifle green
porret (a yellowish green – a porret being a baby leek)
smaragdine (emerald green)
mythogreen (a brilliant yellowish-green)

I could go on, there’s loads of ways to describe green (and every other colour of the spectrum, it’d be a bit of a crap book if it only contained words relating to to the colour green).

It’s a great book.  With 520 pages in four parts, it covers:

  1. A listing of colour phrases (e.g. blue funk)
  2. The colours (over 1100) arranged in alphabetical order
  3. The colours arranged according to colour groupings
  4. Adjectives of colour (over 800)

I will never describe something as plain as green again.

Right, I’m off to buy a pair of smaragdine shoes.


  1. That’s more interesting than I thought it would be. I love that a baby leek is called a porret!
    I’m not sure about morning pages either. But I do try to make an observation of my surroundings now and then (in the morning when everyone has left).

  2. It is indeed interesting. I have just learnt that porphyrophobia is the fear of the colour purple.

  3. I like freewrites too. I keep meaning to try morning pages but I always sleep in.


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