TMA 01 sent


Eek, I’ve just sent my TMA.  I worked quite hard on it.  Well, a lot harder than I did for my TMAs for A174 (Start Writing Fiction), so I’m hoping this will be reflected in the marks.  The freewrite can’t be wrong (if I understand properly what a freewrite is, although some people seem to be worried they’re not doing it right).  The main part I’ve tweaked and edited and rewritten and moved paragraphs and I don’t think I can do any more to it and I did the commentary this morning and although I’m not entirely happy with it I think I’ve got all the relevant points covered.

I think the worst bit was having to do it in Times New Roman and a ragged right margin.   Bah.

Just need to nervously wait for two weeks now and hope our tutor gives more detailed feedback than she did for the online tutorial (as you would expect some detailed feedback for £600, wouldn’t you?).

Wish me luck!


  1. God, you’re hopeful. never had a TMA back in the 2 weeks. On line tutorial – wozzat then? I paid 1400 quid for mine and wonder where it all goes. I agree, people sweat some things too much and don’t read the guidelines.
    Just remember all criticism is subjective.

  2. I thought we were supposed to get them back in two weeks? An online tutorial is where our tutor sets us an exercise separate from the Workbook on our tutor group forum and we post our work and comment on others’. You must have that, even if you don’t have the face to face tutorials?

    £1,400 if you’re overseas?


  3. Two weeks !

    Crikey – Why did I bother sending mine in one week early?
    This means I’ll be waiting three weeks!!!

  4. I’ve done a few ou courses and always had my TMA’s marked within a few days

  5. Hi, mine came back in a few days, so hopefully yours will be quick too. I got loads of feedback and notes on my TMA too. As you say, for 600 quid…! Good luck, Reb

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