Tap tap tap

No, it’s not the sound of me busily typing away.  It’s the sound of my fingers drumming on my desk, while I wait (im)patiently for the return of my TMA.  I know it’s not even been a week since I sent it off, but others have had theirs returned and every time I log into the OU, I get this:



Our tutor has been busy though.  She’s added a new icon in our tutor group forum.  It’s a picture of a cow.  Louisa Lemon said maybe we’ll be getting free milk?


  1. You’ll get an email to tell you it’s available. It’s irresistible to check isn’t it?
    Hope u get it soon

  2. Far too irresistible! Especially as someone told me she’s been able to collect her TMA from the system in the past, before getting the notifying email. I’m not actually expecting it back anytime soon, I’m just impatient.

  3. Our tutor left a message today saying that he won’t be returning the TMAs until next Friday as the OU suggests they return all of them at once, not one-by-one as this has been shown to lead to better marking. I’m going to be tapping my fingers too now, but at least I can stop checking the TMA system every hour!

  4. At least you know when you’re getting yours. The only sign of my tutor has been the new cow icon.

  5. My God, what with Nano I completely forgot. Now something else to sweat over – Thanks, not, Isabella 🙂

  6. Ha Ha! I’m a serial checker too! It’s been one week and five days since I sent it and I can’t count how many times I’ve checked to see whether it’s been marked. No wonder I never get anything done!
    Donna x

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