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I’m a bit behind in the course.  I should be starting Chapter 7 (point of view: trying on voices) today, but I only finished Chapter 5 (character creation) yesterday and started on Chapter 6 (setting) yesterday evening.  Oops.

As part of character creation week, we were supposed to develop the history and background of two or three characters that we might like to develop further.  Someone commented on the forum that he kept devising characters he didn’t want to develop and that’s exactly the same as I felt yesterday.  I’d been inventing characters for a specific exercise, but not actually anyone I want to write about for anything else. 

I’m finding inventing characters a long process but a fun one.  I spent a few minutes on the internet looking at photos of men (damn, the things this course makes me do, shocking) and found an oil-painting self-portrait of a man with bags of character in his face.  Unfortunately for the poor bloke, I turned him into a divorced alcoholic when in real life he’s probably a very happily married tee-totaller.  Then I decided I wanted to write about a modern woman in her 20s or 30s.  I didn’t want to type “pictures of women” into Google (although Shaun’s brother helpfully suggested I do it, but on Shaun’s pc) so a friend sent me a photo of a modern looking girl who I’ve turned into a Sex and the City watching, wine drinking kind of girl.  Someone like me then.  How boring.  Although this lucky girl gets to live in Islington and ride a pink Vespa.  Hmm, maybe I can have some fun with her after all.

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  1. i was dissapointed on my marks for the tma 1 and felt like giving up but am not as yet i didnt agree with hat my tutor said, ell i hope tma 2 goes better for me good luck to your self:)

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