TMA 02 is looming

TMA 02 is looming.  I have an extension until 11 January due to reasons of moving house and going on holiday but I’ve only just now picked up the BRB for the first time in about two weeks.  I’ve caught up insofar as I’ve done all the reading.  I haven’t done any of the activities though but I thought reading up on the coursework might motivate me to start on my TMA2 as the damn thing obviously won’t write itself (it won’t, will it?)

I had an inkling of an idea a few weeks ago but decided to trash that idea as I didn’t think it would fit into a short story as it was too convoluted.  I kept scribbling down a few ideas about a character I had.  I think I mentioned here that I wanted a character with a pink Vespa.  Now, today I’ve sat down and gone through my notebook and headed up some pages at the back of it with headings such as CHARACTER, SETTING, POSSIBLE INCLUSIONS, CONFLICTS/OBSTACLES, FLASHBACKS, etc. and under these headings I’ve started jotting down notes and ideas.  I’ve also got a heading called METHODS (for commentary).  I’ve started thinking about POV, the amount of time elapsed, to who the story is being told, where does it start and I’ve reminded myself to use all the senses.

So, a good start don’t you think? I think it’s a good start, albeit one that should have been started about a month ago. And then what do I do after making my late good start? I sit down and write my flipping blog instead of making a start on the TMA.

Can someone tell me to just sit down and write the god damn bloody thing please?

p.s.  Is god damn one word or two?


  1. Just sit down and write the god damn bloody thing.
    I’m happy to crit it WHEN it’s done.
    Had a bit of a go at the commentary today but I’m a bit tired of it and want to get rid of it now!
    Don’t worry too much about a brilliant idea, although it’s more satisfying to write a brilliant story, for the purpose of the TMA you just need to include the basics so just write about anything – maybe an autobiographical experience? A twist on a story you’ve been told?
    Someone has just asked if Magical Elf should both be capitals. I’d love to know what their story is all about?
    Get on with it then…
    All the best

  2. Do it – Goddamnit!

  3. Thanks Jenny

    I agree it doesn’t have to be a brilliant idea but it needs to be an idea that will fit into 2,200 words. Although going by previous experience, I can usually cram a story into about one hundred words; I’m not exactly an overwriter!

    I’m going to stick with what I’ve come up with so far and just see what develops. I’m assuming that the only way to actually fail the course is not to write anything at all or not stick within the guidelines? Surely no one’s that bad that they could actually fail by being too crap?

    After struggling with the commentary for A174 (got stuck after 43 words, when 300 were called for), I found that the easiest part of TMA1.

    Thanks for the nagging and the offer of a crit (which I’ll take you up on when I’ve finally got 2,200 words down). If you want me to look at yours again, send it over.

  4. Write, write! I’m a very short writer, usually struggle to get to 1500 words, so this time I had 4 scenes, I know a bit extended for a short story, but I find I write 4 intense scenes better than 1 or 2 long, dreamy ones. If you have a story maybe you can chop it into bite size bits and go for it. Your blog is so fluent, surely your fiction is too! Good luck with move/TMA and all…

  5. Hi! I am on the A215 too and have just come across your blog – will ad you to my blog roll – more posts please (or did the poetry section wear you out? 😉


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