Another TMA result, another disappointment

The results for TMA3 are in.

Oh dear.

Ok, so it was poetry.  And I’ve never really read any poetry, let alone try to write any.  But I liked my poems.  My tutor obviously didn’t, even if she did say they contained ‘energy’, ‘humour’ and a ‘unique perspective’.

My marks are going down and down.  After being delighted with the score for TMA1, ever since, I’ve been disappointed.  Is it because I’ve got worse or because I need to work harder to even maintain a consistent score?  Or is it because I had a different tutor mark the first one who rated my work too highly and has therefore given me a distorted sense of my abilities or because my new tutor marks too harshly and is now destroying my confidence?

I don’t think I write stuff the OU want to read.  I write stuff I want to read.

Even if that means submitting work in the shape of a bagel and writing stories about girls getting killed on the way to their wedding and cats being decapitated.

I don’t want to write endless descriptions and have my work crammed full of metaphors no one’s going to notice unless I mention it in the commentary.

I just want to write trash.

To avoid being disappointed, maybe I should take a clichéd leaf out of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s book and become a pessimist.  I bet she hasn’t even written a book.  And if she did, it’d just get published anyway, what with her being famous and that.

Ok, plan B.  Get famous and get published and forget about stupid tutors and their ‘blah blah blah, you’re crap’ rubbish.

At least I can’t get a worse score for the next one.  Oops,  nearly forgot.

Must. Remain. Pessimistic.


  1. Pack it in. You got a high mark for your fist tma because it was very good. I like your writing, not everyone likes lots of detail and swirly twirly metaphors. You are passing well above average. Forget the poems. Concenrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

  2. I know how you feel. Except it happened to me on TMA04. I nearly quit the course when I got the result for that. But I was already almost finished with TMA05 and had half written the ECA, so I decided to keep going. Thanks to 01 and 04 I only managed a pass 2, I was gutted. Especially as everyone else in the swapsies critique group all got distinctions. I gave them all full out and out critiques and they gave me ‘oh, I don’t know how I can help you’ silly little crits. Wasn’t fair. But I got through it. Went on to get the best mark of the whole course on TMA05.

    It’s all swings and roundabouts. Not only that, but it’s too subjective and that’s why I’ll not do another writing course where the result counts towards a degree. Hmph!

  3. I do feel for you. I got good marks for A215 but am getting in the 60s for A363, which although my husband says is good, I am very disappointed with. Also, my tutor’s comments are luke warm.
    I just want to get the course over with and write what I want to write.
    Good luck for the rest of the course, anyway. Stick with it. It’s 60 points towards a degree.

  4. Damn, just got my highest ever OU mark on TMA 1.

    Really not looking forward to 3.

    If you get a unhelpful tutor, it can be a nightmare. Had one on another course, and it drove everyone mad. They actually wrote ‘Grammar’ on one woman’s work, and the whole class could not work out the problems. When asked, the tutor was very unhelpful, and did not seem to even want to explain what the problems were.

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