TMA5 done

TMA5 was sent off yesterday. As usual, I left it until a week before the deadline to even start it. Then panicked and asked for an extension.

So, it’s ‘just’ the ECA left now then. Eek. Double-eek as I haven’t even started it yet but I have an idea that it’ll be either life-writing or fiction based on a day out to Brighton.

Anyway, after the disappointment of my scores for TMAs 2 and 3 (although why I was disappointed with 79% for TMA2, I don’t know, as that’s not a bad score), I was absolutely fucking delighted to get 88% for TMA4. So at least I’ll finish the course with two marks I’m pleased with.

And in the same week I got my 88%, I also won a copy of the 2010 Writer’s Market by writing this month’s Star Letter in Writing Magazine.

letter That is me, honest. I’m not really called Isabella Black, although I should have used that name when I wrote my letter. Cathy White doesn’t sound as good.

This makes me a published writer. Cool or what?

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