Twitter Live!

I’ve been inspired by a Tweet. Peggy tweeted:

A man spoke to himself the whole bus ride from Canterbury. Imagine the clamour if we all spoke our every thought out loud.

This led me to thinking it would be like a real life Twitter timeline. This led me to thinking that, actually, this could be possible. People could stand on stage reading out their timelines. Then the ideas kept rolling. To further the Twitter ‘experience’:

  • To RT someone, just repeat what the person before said.
  • To unfollow someone, push them off the stage.
  • To follow someone, drag them out of the audience.
  • People DMing each other stand in a corner, whispering.
  • To filter someone out, put a bag over their head.
  • Hashtags will be signified by banners (thanks Carli for that idea).

Genius or what?

Then I thought to myself, hmm, where will I get the actors from? Then I remembered I was starting uni next week. A performing arts uni.


I posted my idea on the Freshers Facebook page. I got a response of

 LOOL! i love it! 😛 xxxx

This is good, yes?

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @jogblog.


  1. Hi Cathy, I like your enthusiasm, but not a very original idea though. Try googling ‘real life twitter’ – it’s been done, like, to death already. I like the bag filter idea though.Al

  2. Author

    I’ve never heard of it, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s original! Thanks for your comment anyway though.

  3. This made me laugh, Cathy, thanks for that.

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