Words for Geeks

I came across 750 Words a few months ago. I’d forgotten all about it until I read Peggy’s blog today which reminded me of it. What I didn’t know all those months ago is that, after you’ve bashed out your 750 words, there is some splendid geekery to be had.

Look what it told me after I’d written my 750 words.

It gave me a summary (and an urge to use ‘proceeded thusly’ in all future conversations). (By the way, writing most certainly did not start at 4:07am)

and a rating (PG? How tame, must up my game!)

It said I was feeling mostly affectionate and concerned mostly about money

It told me my mindset while writing

It told me the time orientation, the primary sense and who I was writing about (me me me, by the looks of it)

And the most frequently used words (note the absence of ‘pizza’)

My freewrites usually consist of ‘blah blah blah, I don’t know what to write’ and this time was no different. However, I did get an atom of an idea for a poem, so it’s all good.

Although I absolutely love the geekery that 750 Words gives me, I don’t think it’ll be my new freewrite tool of choice. I prefer Write or Die where you have to keep on writing, otherwise the screen goes red and your words get eaten if you stop.


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