World Goth Day (part 2)

When I worked in a small publishing company in the late 90s (so small, the only full-time members of staff were me and my boss), sometimes I didn’t have much to do so I spent a lot of my day reading. I read the books in the office (mostly non-fiction and after reading Golden Stone I fell in love with Brian Jones, despite the fact he was dead), I read the Big Issue, I read the Evening Standard and I read the NME and Mojo Magazine.

Mojo Magazine had a themed monthly competition. One month the theme was ‘I was the world’s worst …’ (for example ‘hippy’ as in ‘I was a violent hippy’). Aha! I thought, I can write in about me being a happy goth and so I did. And they published it and sent me a rock ‘n’ roll bottle of Jack Daniels. Yee ha!

Anyway, here’s my little story about being a happy goth that was published in Mojo Magazine in 1998 (you can click it to enlarge it).


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  1. lol i had the opposite problem. I was depressed, had a morbid fascination with death but somehow never pulled off the look despite wearing all black. I just looked dumb with black lipstick

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