I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do when my course finishes. There are a lot of options. I could get a full-time job but I really don’t want to go back to sitting in an office for eight hours a day. Even if I enjoy my job (which I have done in the past), I’m  not keen on the routine and having to get up and be somewhere at a particular time each day. I have been getting job alerts from various websites to see what’s about and there have been some interesting opportunities popping up on occasion. Feature Writer for a ‘real life’ magazine, for example. It would mean either commuting from here which would cost around £6,000 a year and the salary probably wouldn’t justify that kind of travel cost, even taking my rental income on my London house into account. I could move back to London but, again, the salary probably wouldn’t cover a London lifestyle and, of course, I wouldn’t have my rental income to supplement my wages.

Then there’s freelancing. I’ve had articles published but I’d need to come up with dozens of ideas all the time to generate any kind of income. There are also freelance writing sites such as Copify, Elance, People Per Hour and Odesk. These sites have hundreds of jobs at any one time where you can pick and choose what jobs to take. Some of the sites require writers to bid and pitch for the work, others (such as Copify) simply have a list of articles that need to be written and you just choose the one/s you fancy. The rates are variable but when I need a bit of quick cash and have some spare time, it can be a good way to make a bit of money.

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