Wreck This Journal – Day 1

In Waterstones a couple of weeks ago, I spotted Wreck This Journal. I picked it up, thought, ‘this looks like fun’, wondered if I’d get round to actually doing it and then remembered (well, I hadn’t actually forgotten, I’m not that bad) my friend Helen was about to add to the ever-growing number of children’s birthdays I have to remember (I’d done really well getting to the age of 43 with only one friend having a baby, now my friends are rapidly reproducing and soon I’ll be left with no one at all to go to the pub with). Wreck This Journal looked like it would give Helen something to do in between those baby-needs-something moments that was a) fun; and b) didn’t need much concentration.

The last time I bought a new mum a book was 18 years ago (told you I’d done really well). That was a copy of Trainspotting which, thinking about it now, although it made me look really cool (in my eyes, at least), it probably proved more than anything ever has that I don’t know much about babies and new mums, i.e. they don’t actually get time to sit down and read a book, especially one that needs a copy of The Ladybird Book of Edinburgh Slang to accompany it.

Wreck This Journal

The idea of Wreck This Journal is a, um, journal that you, um, wreck. Each page has an instruction inviting you to draw on it, write on it, rip it out, wipe it on a car, stick things in it, etc. You choose a page at random and by the time you’ve done them all the book’ll be dirty and wet and crinkled and crumpled and, basically, wrecked.

As I mentioned earlier, I considered keeping Wreck This Journal for myself but as I couldn’t think of anything else to buy Helen to celebrate her baby’s birth, I posted it to her. Being the polite girl she is, she thanked me for it and me, being the impolite person I am, told her I almost kept it for myself and so I suggested getting one for myself, then we could both do it. Helen thought this was a splendid idea (she was probably just being polite again), so I ordered one and today we un-virginised our journals.


My first wrecking session was a little disappointing; all I had to do was draw lines and then wet my finger and smear the lines. I must have a mega-super-fast-drying pen, as it didn’t really smear. I was a bit worried about also smearing the page with the remains of the hot chocolate and peanut butter bar that was in my mouth, but part of the point of Wreck This Journal is to do stuff you wouldn’t usually do (like paste bodily fluids over clean pieces of paper).


See, told you it wasn’t very exciting. Maybe tomorrow I’ll randomly pick something a tad more interesting. I’m not sure if Helen will be blogging her wrecking (she has got a new baby to look after, after all) but if she does, I’ll link to it from here.


Helen has indeed blogged her journal wrecking. She got to write ‘git’ lots of times, as you can see on her blog here.

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