Wreck This Journal – Day 2 – Throwing Things In Sheds

Well, today’s wrecking was a bit of an adventure. Although this does depend entirely on your own personal definition of ‘adventure’. But it involved going outside and throwing something in my neighbour’s shed, so that’s quite adventurous for me.

Today’s page chosen at random was this.



Aarrgghh, I had to tear a page out of the book, yikes. I also had to hide it in my neighbour’s garden (we’ll ignore the American spelling and terminology, okay?), double yikes. I’m not really into trespassing and doing weird things like hiding pieces of paper in neighbours’ gardens. Plus, was I supposed to write a message on it or something? I decided to keep it simple and just write ‘hello’ on it.



Hmm, now to decide where to put it. Our garden is surrounded by gardens so I had a lot of choice. I didn’t want to put it in the one next door on the left, as I might get spotted; ditto, the one on the right. A terrace of houses backs on to our garden, so I decided to scrunch the piece of paper up



and throw it into one of the sheds which I knew had a hole in, as my cat likes to go in there.



It’s in there somewhere, honest.


Can you see it?

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