Wreck This Journal – Day 4 – Scrub This Page

I still haven’t had to do any drawing although, judging by some of the amazing work I’ve found on the internet, I’d be put to shame. I can manage a stick man, but that’s about it (despite getting an A for art at school). Today’s wrecking was about getting messy.



Getting this page messy, anyway. But what to scrub it with? Shaun was downstairs plastering the kitchen ceiling and I didn’t think he’d be too pleased if I kicked him out just so I could find something to scrub a piece of paper with. Also, I didn’t think he’d be too happy if I used up a scouring pad, so I had a little think and decided to give the page a bit of an exfoliating with some apricot seed foot scrub and then give it the once over with a Scholl foot grater.


Yay, now the page is silky smooth and peachy soft. Okay, it’s not. It’s knackered.



Anyone want me to do their feet for them?

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  1. Ooh – yes please!

    And I am loving this project of yours!

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