Wreck This Journal – Day 8 – Tear This Page Out And Put It Through The Wash


Dammit, this has confused me – I don’t get to complete it in one day. Not unless I get changed, wash the jeans I’m currently wearing (that I’ve stuck the crumpled piece of paper into the pocket of), then somehow dry them (no tumble dryer here). I think finding a launderette and getting a service wash is a bit extravagant. Plus, if the launderette staff were doing their job properly, they’d go through the pockets to check for tissues and money and stuff, wouldn’t they? My knowledge of launderette staff ends at Dot Cotton though and I can’t remember an episode which highlighted her conscientiousness.

Although, thinking about it, it doesn’t actually say the washing has to be dry and if the washing was wet, the torn out page would be easier to uncrumple after because if I try to uncrumple it when it’s been washed and dried, it’s going to turn to dust, isn’t it? So I’m thinking it would be best to put it through the wash, retrieve it from the wash, let it dry out a little so it doesn’t just fall apart, then uncrumple it?



I fear I may be in danger of over-analysing this.



But, the page is torn out, crumpled and in my pocket ready to be washed. I will report back in a few days.

Over and out.


I’ve done my washing now and the page is a mushed up blob. There’s no way it can be unfolded. I’m sure I’ve heard reports of people saving fivers and tenners after being washed?

Well, it’s just as well this page isn’t worth anything, as this is what it looks like now.


It said to stick it back into the book and I always take these things too literally and thought it meant stick it back where I found it, but there’s no way that’s going back to the tiny bit of page that’s left, so I stuck it to the inside of the front cover.


I am aware it looks like I’ve stuck a tampon into my book.


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