Wreck This Journal – Day 9 – Test Page For Pens, Paints, Markers, or Art Supplies

I spent a long time in the arty bit in Tesco yesterday eyeing up the pens and paints (it’s actually the children’s bit but ‘arty bit’ makes me sound less of a weirdo). I decided not to buy any and to see whether I’d actually need any paint and stuff and, what do you know? Yep, today I needed paint and stuff.



I went through the ‘drawer with officey type shit in it’ and found the scissors I said the other day weren’t in there. Still, they’re back now in their proper place – next to the Panda pen in the pot on the windowsill.



All the coloured pens, felt tips, CD markers and highlighters were taken out of the drawer – I even found an Ikea pencil that I don’t remember stealing.



I coloured and scribbled and drew a cat and a smiley face and a duck and a poo. Yes, I drew a poo. I even labelled it in case no one knew it was a poo. This is what happens when your tutor calls in sick and you get an unexpected day off uni.



There is a typo on there that I, as a creative and professional writing student, should be thoroughly ashamed of. Can you spot it?

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