Wreck This Journal – Day 10 – Cover This Page With White Things

Yesterday I bought some art supplies – watercolours, a pack of four glitter glues, a pack of five glue sticks and, my new favourite thing, a rainbow crayon.



I said to Helen, ‘I hope I get to draw stuff today’ but the Wreck This Journal Gods must have heard me and decided to take the piss, as today I got this.



Yeah, all those pretty colours to play with and I have to find only white things. I could have just sat on it, I suppose (my surname’s White… get it? Yes? Good), but I had a look on my desk for something white and put a bit of scrap paper in it, then found more pieces of paper which had a sum and a bit of a receipt on. Boring, but at least I got to play with my new glitter glue. Then I got a bit more adventurous and pasted in an empty packet of ear plugs, along with an iPod Shuffle adapter, some liquid soap, a bit of toilet roll, a Bobby Conn badge and some white paint.


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  1. Hahaha, sitting on it is clever.

    I like the iPod thing.

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