Wreck This Journal – Day 12 – Press Leaves And Other Found Things

Hello, today’s Wreck This Journal is a special Seaside Edition.


Today was a fortuitous day. Because I – along with the rest of the population – woke up, saw the sun and exclaimed all over social media, ‘YAY, IT’S THE SUMMER’, I decided to go to the beach.  I am aware this makes it sound as if I live really close to the seaside when it’s actually a ten mile bike ride away but I went without alcohol last night (a rare occurrence on a Saturday) so I had the energy to do the twenty mile round trip.

I’d said to Helen before I went that I was going to a) give the book a little paddle in the sea; and b) find some shells and seaweed and stuff to put in it. Then, just before I went, I randomly chose a page and, hurrah, today’s instruction was to press leaves and other things I found into the book, so it was as if it was meant to be. wreck-this-journal-leaves-and-other-found-things

The book enjoyed being at the beach, as you can see.


And here’s a video of my Wreck This Journal having a little paddle in the sea.


Here’s some stuff I picked up on the beach. Apparently the Queen owns most of the seaside so, sorry Queenie, for nicking your shells (and feathers and pebbles and seaweed and, um, a dead daffodil).



When I got home (after going to a cafe to drink tea, eat a scone with jam and clotted cream (jam first, clotted cream on top – the Cornish way), and a toasted teacake with butter (all this for two people came to about £5 – a bargain! If you’re ever in Dymchurch, go to the Village Cafe), I put the Wreck This Journal out to dry in the sun.



Then, because the book said to find leaves and I hadn’t found any leaves, I went round the garden and picked a few leaves and flowers and a bit of bark and a mushroom (all the while trying not to get spotted by the neighbours – a challenge not made any easier with most of the fences having been blown down during the recent windy weather) and added it to the collection of stuff I stole from Her Maj.



Realising if I stuck the shells into the book, they’d get broken, I stuck the things I found in the garden into the book instead.



But not wanting to have thieved from the Queen – thereby increasing my chances of being thrown into the Tower and beheaded – for no reason, I covered the cover in pink glitter glue and stuck the shells to that.


Which is when Shaun came in and reminded me I’m 44. But I think it looks pretty. So there.

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