Wreck This Journal – Day 16 – This Book Belongs To

The page chosen today instructed me to write my name in different ways. I managed to mess this up and write on the wrong line, so I added arrows to indicate which line it was supposed to be on. Duh.



I got to play with MS Paint though and scrub out my address and phone no. Good old MS Paint. Not the most exciting page, I must admit. Helen had to sell the page she chose today, which I was quite jealous of, as I’d seen that on a flick through and decided when it came to it, I’d put it on eBay, but she’s beaten me to it. Stole my photo and all. Shocking behaviour, I might unfriend her on Facebook. That’ll teach her.

If you’d like to buy Helen’s page though, it’s here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wreck-This-Journal-Page-/301123045580? and all the money will go to charity and there’s even free postage. She is a good person.

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