Wreck This Journal – Day 17 – Glue In A Photo Of Yourself You Dislike And Deface

It didn’t take long to decide which photo to use. I didn’t even have to think about it.


Although, I don’t actually dislike it, as it sums up perfectly how I felt during the London Duathlon last year. I was cold, wet, bored, fed up and thoroughly pissed off. But as potential photos to post on a dating site go, this probably wouldn’t be one of them. Would you take this girl home to meet your mum?

So, I printed off the photo and stuck it in the book.


And gave myself a smiley face instead of my i’m-really-pissed-off-can-we-go-to-the-pub-now-please face.


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  1. Ha ha ha haaaa! Fabulous Cathy! Love your write up. (I could do a whole book of mug shots like this.)

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