Be Kind For A Month – Left A Book At A Bus Stop

Update: Oops, that’ll teach me to spy on people without putting my glasses on. The recipient(s) of the book was a woman and her little girl, not boy. A friend’s wife and daughter, in fact. In my defence, I’ve never met his wife or daughter and I didn’t see their faces and it’s not like she was wearing pink and dressed as a fairy or anything (not that I believe boys shouldn’t be allowed to wear pink and dress as fairies if they want to).


Apparently, it’s World Be Kind Day on 13 November, and for the month leading up to it, there’s a Facebook event called Be Kind For A Month – you can guess what it involves. I’ve made a list of a few things I can do during the month (some of them don’t even involve leaving the house – yay) and today I started off by leaving Atonement by Ian McEwan at the bus stop. I didn’t enjoy Atonement at all; I got bored after just a few pages and didn’t finish it, so I wondered if maybe it wasn’t very kind inflicting it on someone else but that someone else may well enjoy it.



I didn’t have long to wait after leaving the book at the bus stop; after just a few minutes, a woman and a little boy walked past. The boy stopped and picked up the book, the mum stopped to see what he’d got, read the note and carried on walking down the road, the little boy clutching his prize. I’m so happy I got to see who found the book – I wasn’t skulking round a corner spying, honest – I can see the bus stop from where I’m sitting now, I just happened to look out the window at the right time.


I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow but if you want to join in the fun, sign up at the Be Kind For A Month Facebook Page.

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