Be Kind For A Month – Sent A Haiku

I know this doesn’t bode well for the next twenty-nine days but I was stuck for an idea today. I pondered whether not swearing at the people who get PAID to email me to ask me to write for FREE counted (sorry about the caps; I can’t bear the words ‘we have no budget’, when THEY approached ME in the first place. Grr), then decided that counting that as kindness creeps into territory so tenuous it would put some of the Janathon and Juneathon ‘activities’ to shame. So what actual concrete kindness could I do? I’d already decided to at some point this month send someone a surprise gift. I would have done it today but the local post office is only open from 10am to 1pm on Wednesdays but I was out all morning and didn’t get back in time and I wasn’t feeling generous enough to cycle two miles to the next nearest (yeah, I’m not really getting into the spirit of this today, am I?) But, I like sending things in the post so I decided to send a haiku to someone. I am aware that I can’t just send things to people every day because a) it will cost a lot of money and I’d have to go back to the church to take back the food I gave for the foodbank so I could eat (see yesterday’s post); b) I’d be bound to miss someone out I should have sent something to; and c) I should probably try and be a bit more creative than do the same thing all month.

So, yeah. I sent a haiku in a little card.


I hope the recipient likes it.

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