Be Kind For A Month – Left A Note At The Bus Stop

I woke up with a plan in my head for today’s Be Kind thing but that plan was scuppered before it was even eight o’clock in the morning, dammit. Still, that didn’t let me off the kindness hook, especially as I haven’t been kind for two days because, as I said in my previous post, I had food poisoning all day Sunday and wasn’t up to much yesterday, either. But I’m all better now and decided to leave a little note at the bus stop for someone to find. Originally, I was going to write that I hoped they were having a nice day but then I thought, what if they were having a really shit day or they were on the way to a funeral or something? The note might really piss them off then along the lines of wanting to punch people who say, ‘Cheer up, it might never happen’ when something actually has just happened and you have no intention of cheering up, especially just because some wanker in the street told you to.

So, I kind of hedged my bets and wrote something in between and hoped it came across neutral and didn’t provoke anyone into finding me and punching me.






I’m beginning to feel like the Banksy of Kindness, leaving all these anonymous notes around. Well, I say ‘all’; what I mean is, ‘two so far’.

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