Be Kind For A Month – Posted A Penguin

Once again, I didn’t get to the post office before it shut and then kind of forgot about the Be Kind thing until 11pm, so I posted a pic of a penguin on my friend Helen’s Facebook wall, because she likes penguins.


The note I left sellotaped to the bus stop on Tuesday had finally gone (it had been there all day – I know this because I kept looking out the window through my binoculars like a weirdo, checking up on it). I’m hoping one of the schoolchildren picked it up in the morning when they were waiting for their bus and drew a penis on it (the note, not the bus – although that would be funny, especially if they did it on the windscreen, right above the driver’s head), like we would have done in my day and didn’t just say ‘lol’, then chuck it on the floor.

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