Be Kind For A Month – Update

I think I need to do a bit of a catch up – so, what have I been doing? The other night, I went to London for a Betty Crocker baking thing. It was a bit of a disaster and Helen and I did the only thing appropriate under the circumstances and escaped early and went to the pub. Then karma got us for escaping early, when we walked a mile to Pizza Express, only to find they’d closed early because their oven had broken or something. But, that was okay, we’d find a nice, quiet pub to sit in and hatch a culinary Plan B. We found a gorgeously cute little bar with a nice empty corner, which unfortunately wasn’t empty for long as, as soon as I sat down, immediately a group of loud people stormed in and plonked themselves next to me. And if that wasn’t bad enough, my wine was revolting. We ended up in Wetherspoons. Classy. (Actually, I have no problem with Wetherspoons, they do cheap alcohol, nice chips and their veggie roast goes down well after a race.)

On my way back to the station, a man asked me for some money. I assumed he was homeless and not a polite mugger, so I decided to be kind and give him some money. Then he asked me where I was going and I said Kent. Then he asked me, ‘whereabouts? Ashford?’ and so I said to him, ‘HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?’ and he said he’d heard of it, that’s all and could he come home with me? I said no, it’s too far and he said he’d come to the end of the world with me. Aaah. Sweet. Karma restored.

The next day, I braved Girl-With-An-Attitude-Problem in the Post Office and anonymously sent a friend a homemade bracelet.



She wouldn’t have been expecting anything from me as a) I don’t think I’ve seen her since the 80s; and b) didn’t have her address until I messaged her husband and asked him for it. I think she liked it though, yay. (If the recipient is reading this and you’re allergic to metal that’s not proper silver, I won’t be offended if you give it to someone else.)

Keeping with the ‘send stuff anonymously in the post like a weirdo’ theme, I’d received a few bags of vegetarian/vegan marshmallows to review on my vegetarian blog, Planet Veggie. I remembered that last time I’d been sent some, a friend said VEGETARIAN MARSHMALLOWS? WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE FROM? TELL ME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW and so I thought I’d share the marshmallowy love and send her a packet.


She had absolutely no idea who had sent them to her so she’s obviously not been keeping up with this blog and therefore I’m going to ask for them back. (Not really.) By the way, that’s not a typo (can you make a typo in a handwritten card?) on the card, Louise really did run 100 miles.

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