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Reposed Monthly Book Subscription Review


The Reposed monthly book subscription used to be called ‘Reading in Heels’, which tells you all you need to know about their target market.

I don’t own a pair of shoes, let alone a pair of heels and, even if I did, I wouldn’t be sitting around reading in them. So how the flipping flop did I come to sign up to the Reposed book subscription?

It wasn’t, you might be surprised to learn, because I got it free, unlike last month’s book subscription but, as usual, I got pulled in by a Facebook ad.

The Reposed Facebook ad tempted me in with not only books but the promise of other items, for example, chocolate and tea and stuff and, as well as loving books, I love chocolate and tea and stuff.

A chick-lit-free zone

Despite the Reposed book subscription being totally girly, the books sent out each month aren’t chick-lit (substitute ‘chick-lit’ for ‘women’s fiction’ if the term ‘chick-lit’ offends you) but they have more of a literary bent (and before you think I’m being snobby – I’d rather read chick-lit than something overly literary).

This doesn’t mean you’re going to get the likes of Wuthering Heights or one of Jane Austen’s snoozefests shoved through your door each month though – Reposed only sends brand new literary fiction, so the books aren’t likely to be ones you’ve already read.

November’s box (the one I’m reviewing here) was my second Reposed monthly book subscription box. After I’d received my first book in October, it impressed me so much, I signed up to receive one each month.

Then I cancelled the subscription.

Reposed monthly book subscription box

Not because I decided it was shit after all but because I’d decided to write a series of book subscription reviews and buy a new book subscription each month.

I obviously hadn’t cancelled the Reposed box in time though because the next month a new Reposed book subscription box turned up. I thought maybe it was a Reposed admin error and I’d got a free box by mistake but, alas, this wasn’t the case and I had to pay for it, dammit. Still, books and snacks, yay.

Despite me loving the Reposed book subscription as a thing, I didn’t actually enjoy the book – the title of which I can’t remember now – and ended up selling it on Amazon to get a few pennies back.

The box also contained a face mask (which is still in the fridge, which is where the instructions on the back say to store it), a chocolate bar and a teabag.

I’m not sure what it says about me that what I remember most about the contents of a book subscription box isn’t actually the book, but hey ho.

What’s in a Reposed monthly book subscription box?

Reposed book subscription contents

Each month, the contents of the Reposed book subscription arrives beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, hiding the mysterious contents beneath, leaving you quivering with anti…



Well, maybe not, but then again, I spent this morning reading about umlauts and diaeresis for fun. You need to get your kicks where you can during a pandemic, eh?

This month’s book was The Unpassing by Chia-Chia Lin which, going from the blurb on the back, sounds like something I’d enjoy:

When ten-year-old Gavin contracts meningitis, he falls into a fatal coma. A week later, he wakes to find that his younger sister, Ruby, was infected too. She did not survive. The Unpassing explores the Alaskan wilderness and the fracture of a Taiwanese immigrant family as they attempt to heal.

Although, as I’ve just typed that, I’ve wondered how Gavin manages to wake up from a fatal coma. Insert that emoji with the monocle here.

Contents of Reposed book subscription

Also inside the box was a facemask (which to date remains as unused as the one in the previous box), a stroopwafel (I love stroopwafels), a sachet of hot chocolate (I love hot chocolate even more than I love stroopwafels) and a notecard (I love stationery even more than I love hot chocolate and stroopwafels and, if you ask me how I feel about Paperchase possibly going into administration, I will reply by sobbing in a socially-distanced manner at your feet.

Is it worth the money?

When it comes to value for money, in my opinion the Reposed book subscription is great value.

Reposed state on their website the value of the boxes is usually around £25-£35 but unless stroopwafels cost more than I think they do, I feel this is a bit of an over-estimation.

Let’s face it though, if you went to the bookshop and bought a paperback, that’d cost you around £8-£10 by itself, even before you start factoring in the price of the snacks and stuff. And, as a bonus, you don’t need to put a mask on to buy a Reposed box.

A monthly subscription to the Reposed book subscription starts at £12.80 for a pay-monthly box up to £145 for twelve months (to save you the maths, that’s £12.08 a month).

How could the Reposed book subscription box be improved?

Personally, I’d like all their snacks to be vegan but, saying that, I appreciate you can’t please everyone and, if they only sent vegan snacks, they’d still not be suitable for everyone because [insert group of people with dietary restrictions here] and it’s not like I didn’t drink the hot chocolate and eat the stroopwafel.

According to Reposed though, 50% of their snacks are vegan but so far, 100% of the snacks I’ve received from them haven’t been, so I think they’re over-estimating again.

Where to buy a Reposed monthly book subscription box

You can find Reposed on the usual Facebook , Instagram and Twitter social channels and you can also visit their website here.

What I’m going to review next month

Since taking out the Reposed subscription, unsurprisingly, Facebook has been targeting me with more book subscription ads. I’ve been saving the ads to look at for future reviews and when I looked at the list the other day, I saw one called Feline and Fiction that I don’t remember saving but fuck me, that’s as targeted towards me as much as the Reposed subscription isn’t.

I’m not reviewing Feline and Fiction next month but it’s a definite contender for another month.

Next month, I’ll be reviewing the Shelterbox Book Club.

Get me being all charitable and stuff.



  1. Feline and fiction looks lovely but I lost my little cat so it would make me too sad!

    I love reposed box though, I shamefully get more excited about the ‘treats’ than the book ?

  2. Author

    I’m so sorry about your cat, Recca. I lost my very much loved 20 year old cat, looey, just under two years ago – our pets mean so much to us. When I run out of book subscriptions to review, I’ll probably go back to Reposed as yes, it’s very exciting to get mystery snacks in the post!

  3. Thanks for this, I’m tempted to try it.

  4. Author

    You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting and reminding me about it – I might get another subscription myself 🙂

  5. Just be aware Reposed has now been dissolved (checked via companies house) as they are still taking people’s money and encouraging sign-ups but not actually sending out boxes!

  6. Hi. Can you add onto your page that I think reposed have entered administration or at least are refusing to answer emails or send out books. They still appear to have a functioning website that will happily take your money….. Or can you dig deeper?

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