Squeeze into my jeans Look in the mirror and sigh Put down the Kit Kat

Black cat, looks so cute Biting the hand that feeds it Bad cat, gets a slap

Watch the flowers die Bowing their once fragrant heads Time to buy new ones

Sheri left a comment on my other blog – JogBlog – and asked me to write a tractor haiku, so after a few pints in the pub last night, I came up with this. Tractors, I hate you Your wheels are as big as me Tractors, you’re too big

This is my first ever haiku.  Don’t laugh. Scent of tomato Blending in with gooey cheese Pizza baking, nice

Because, obviously, two blogs isn’t enough for a girl, along with JogBlog and Planet Veggie, I now have this blog in which I will be writing random ramblings and updates on the A215 Creative Writing course I’m going to be starting with the Open University at the beginning of October.