In Waterstones a couple of weeks ago, I spotted Wreck This Journal. I picked it up, thought, ‘this looks like fun’, wondered if I’d get round to actually doing it and then remembered (well, I hadn’t actually forgotten, I’m not that bad) my friend Helen was about to add toContinue Reading

I had to submit a portfolio of poetry in my first year at university. Here’s one of them. It’s a found poem, based on the business card scene from American Psycho, one of my favourite books. I Found an American Psycho  Cool colouring. That’s bone, I point out. And theContinue Reading

I subscribe to the Words With Jam newsletter and when the editor asked for book reviewers, I thought, ‘aha, I don’t write many book reviews; if someone makes me do it, then I’ll write more’. So I emailed back and said, ‘Hello, I’d love to write book reviews for WordsContinue Reading

As I said on Wednesday when I revealed the cover for The Flash Mob, today is publication day, hurrah! You can now own your very own copy of The Flash Mob by downloading it from Amazon for just 77p – that’s almost £3 cheaper than a pint of Carling inContinue Reading

Well, this is all very exciting. I’ve got some stories being published in an anthology that will be available on Amazon from Friday (that’s the day after tomorrow). It’s a collaboration between me and three writer friends; a real mix of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and humour. We’ve also got aContinue Reading

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. I’ve finished my second year at university (and passed averaging a 1st which, unsurprisingly, I’m thrilled about) and have just this week started the third year. New year, new campus, new tutors. Gulp. Although I’ve enjoyed a four-month-long summer, itContinue Reading