As I said on Wednesday when I revealed the cover for The Flash Mob, today is publication day, hurrah! You can now own your very own copy of The Flash Mob by downloading it from Amazon for just 77p – that’s almost £3 cheaper than a pint of Carling inContinue Reading

Well, this is all very exciting. I’ve got some stories being published in an anthology that will be available on Amazon from Friday (that’s the day after tomorrow). It’s a collaboration between me and three writer friends; a real mix of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and humour. We’ve also got aContinue Reading

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. I’ve finished my second year at university (and passed averaging a 1st which, unsurprisingly, I’m thrilled about) and have just this week started the third year. New year, new campus, new tutors. Gulp. Although I’ve enjoyed a four-month-long summer, itContinue Reading

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do when my course finishes. There are a lot of options. I could get a full-time job but I really don’t want to go back to sitting in an office for eight hours a day. Even if I enjoy my job (whichContinue Reading

Last night I dreamt there was a dead mouse on the floor, next to a worm. At least, because the mouse was lying on its back, I assumed it was dead. Until it yawned and stretched and got up and bit my foot. It ran downstairs and I followed itContinue Reading

I’ve mentioned a couple of times about 100 RPM – the collection of 100-word stories I’ve got a story in – and now it’s available to buy on Amazon. Here’s why you should buy it (in no particular order): It’s got a fab cover; an introduction by Nik Kershaw (I’MContinue Reading