I came across 750 Words a few months ago. I’d forgotten all about it until I read Peggy’s blog today which reminded me of it. What I didn’t know all those months ago is that, after you’ve bashed out your 750 words, there is some splendid geekery to be had.Continue Reading

746 11 lab.drwicked.com I had so much fun with the first Write or Die that I decided to do it again, this time writing a mini-story. I have edited this slightly by putting in the quotation marks and giving each speaker a new line to make it easier to read.Continue Reading

800 11 lab.drwicked.com Today I Writed or Died.  Is that the worst misuse of grammar you’ve ever seen?  No.  What I wrote was.  Check this out (there will be typos, I haven’t corrected/edited it): Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She was born with black hair, thenContinue Reading