One of my faults (and you thought I had none?  I know, surprising, isn’t it?), along with procrastination, is a complete lack of concentration.  Reading, writing, thinking, watching TV; my mind just wanders off and I start thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner, work, the weekend, anythingContinue Reading

In case you were wondering what the front of my new notebook looked like (and Louisa Lemon did so others may too), here it is.  It was sent to me by the nice people at Archie Grand who had seen my running blog at JogBlog. As well as ones forContinue Reading

I got sent a new notebook.  It’s unlined and I’ve never used an unlined notebook before.  I think I prefer lined ones. Anyway, I decided to write a haiku about my new notebook.  I think I like the last one best, what do you think? p.s.  Sorry about the handwriting.

Well, as you can see, I passed.  No mention of how well I passed, or if I just scraped through.  Just a plain and simple “pass”.  Better than a plain and simple “fail” I suppose.  And it’s in a nice happy bright red colour.  Do you think if it hadContinue Reading

No, I’m not talking in some kind of teenage (actually, I wish it was just teenage but far too many middle-aged people do it and I find it kind of creepy) internet/text speak, but the DHL man pounded on my door this morning bearing gifts.  Ok, not exactly gifts, butContinue Reading

Paloma Chaffinch alerted us all on the OU A215 forum about a great site she’d found: One Word. One Word is a brilliantly simple site that gives you a word each day and 60 seconds to write in a box whatever comes to mind.  After your 60 seconds are up,Continue Reading

Inspired by Louisa Lemon, I thought I’d nick her idea write my own sunflower haiku. Facing the sunshine Yellow heads on tall green stalks Hamsters eat their seeds