Be Kind For A Month – Took Brownies To The Pub

Oct 18 2014 Published by under Be Kind For A Month

No, not these kinds of Brownies,



but these kinds of brownies.



Yes, I took some homemade chocolate brownies to the pub and very well they were received, too. Look at the happy smiley I’ve-got-brownies-yum face.



Unfortunately, I couldn’t be kind on Sunday or Monday because I had food poisoning. And no, it wasn’t because of the brownies. Cheek.

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I dream Rolf Harris is a psycho

Apr 28 2012 Published by under Dreams

rolf-harrisI dreamt I was downstairs in the kitchen and I’d remotely turned on the music upstairs but told it was too loud so I turned it off but then it came on again so I went upstairs to investigate and all my books and records were on the floor and Rolf Harris had moved into my room and he wouldn’t get out and I was screaming at him ‘HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?’ and he just stood there and I was going through my stuff looking for hamsters and I couldn’t find them and I said ‘AND YOUR DRAWINGS ARE SHIT’ and I went outside and down the bottom of the garden I found some cuddly toys and there was an albino ferret and on a wall was a black and white rabbit with long floppy ears and I went back to the house to get a bag to put them in but first I had to have an ice cream and there was a man I know there and he said don’t worry about Rolf, he’s tight anyway, he only got one round in in Googies and I said yes, good point. 

Then I dreamt I was in a pub and two people there were naked and I had my dressing gown on but everyone else was dressed and I looked at a poster and I said no one told me it was naked night.

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