Be Kind For A Month – Blog Commenting

Oct 16 2014 Published by under Be Kind For A Month

You know I mentioned on the first day of Be Kind For A Month that I’d made a list of ideas of kind things to do this month and a few of them involved not leaving the house? Well, today I decided to do one of the kindnesses that didn’t involve leaving the house. I told Twitter I would comment on anyone’s blog post if they asked me to. Surprisingly, only one person asked me (and even that was more of a ‘okay, if you really want to’ than a ‘yes please’) – Twitter’s usually full of links to blog posts but it seems bloggers turn shy when you actually ask for links to blogs. Ho hum.

So, I asked on Facebook too and a couple of friends left me links to their blogs, so I duly commented on them.


Thanks to Stefan, Gene and Diane for helping me complete today’s Be Kind For A Month thing.

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Book review on Words With Jam

Dec 11 2013 Published by under Book reviews, Books, Words With Jam

I subscribe to the Words With Jam newsletter and when the editor asked for book reviewers, I thought, ‘aha, I don’t write many book reviews; if someone makes me do it, then I’ll write more’. So I emailed back and said, ‘Hello, I’d love to write book reviews for Words With Jam’, attaching my review of How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. The editor – Jane – emailed back, said she thought my review was great and would love to have me as a contributor and gave me a deadline to send another review, of any book, new or old.


The book on the go on my Kindle at the time was the disturbing – but brilliant – In Search of Adam by Caroline Smailes, so I wrote about that, sent it off and waited for Jane to come back and say my review was shit. She didn’t say it was shit; she said it was perfect and here it is on the Words With Jam website.

Then, another nice thing happened. @StRemeze saw the link to the review on Twitter, and liked it so much he re-posted it on his blog (giving me full credit, he didn’t just rip me off).

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