Bagel poem (in a bagel shape)

I may not be very good at writing poems, but I can make them into pretty shapes. Well, I can make one poem into a shape, anyway. I haven’t tried any other shapes. Any requests?


This was one of my poems for TMA3. My tutor wasn’t very impressed. She said ‘blah blah blah’. Or something like that.


  1. Your tutor should have been impressed: I love this, it shows such a serendipity of images, and the shape is great!

  2. Looks like a doughnut to me.

  3. asome poem cathy

  4. I Love It ^-^ Orange? Cherry? Face? Sorry If These Requests Are Hard! ;D They Are The Only 1’s I Can Think Of. Good Luck On Then <3

    P.S Your tutor should have been like: Oh my! What A Splendid Poem!
    Not like: Blah blah blah blah blah!
    Ignore her just be proud of yourself that you get positive comments! :3

  5. yeah its great

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