TMA5 was sent off yesterday. As usual, I left it until a week before the deadline to even start it. Then panicked and asked for an extension. So, it’s ‘just’ the ECA left now then. Eek. Double-eek as I haven’t even started it yet but I have an idea thatContinue Reading

TMA 02 is looming.  I have an extension until 11 January due to reasons of moving house and going on holiday but I’ve only just now picked up the BRB for the first time in about two weeks.  I’ve caught up insofar as I’ve done all the reading.  I haven’tContinue Reading

I’m a bit behind in the course.  I should be starting Chapter 7 (point of view: trying on voices) today, but I only finished Chapter 5 (character creation) yesterday and started on Chapter 6 (setting) yesterday evening.  Oops. As part of character creation week, we were supposed to develop theContinue Reading

No, it’s not the sound of me busily typing away.  It’s the sound of my fingers drumming on my desk, while I wait (im)patiently for the return of my TMA.  I know it’s not even been a week since I sent it off, but others have had theirs returned andContinue Reading

Eek, I’ve just sent my TMA.  I worked quite hard on it.  Well, a lot harder than I did for my TMAs for A174 (Start Writing Fiction), so I’m hoping this will be reflected in the marks.  The freewrite can’t be wrong (if I understand properly what a freewrite is,Continue Reading

I’ve just got to the Daily haiku part in the BRB (I know, I know, I’m behind…) and I was looking forward to this bit as then I could see if what I’d been doing up to now was completely shit.  Well, obviously I knew it was completely shit, butContinue Reading

We cover poetry in A215 and although that’s not until the New Year, The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry has been recommended by various people on the OU A215 forum. While I was in Cornwall last weekend visiting Emily and Michael, I spied a copy of The Ode LessContinue Reading