Suicide is Painless

Well, it is when it’s your characters doing it on the page, anyway.

We had a workshop in our fiction seminar yesterday. I brought in a piece of flash fiction that I’d written a while back. It was about a man who was waiting for a train to come so he could jump under it, but then he changed his mind. Then I realised that another of my stories – Underground (which is available for free on the Ether app for iPhone) – is also about a man who jumps under a train.

Throwing characters under trains isn’t a new thing for me. When I was 14, I wrote a story about a typewriter who committed suicide by throwing itself in front of a train. My teacher loved it so much, he asked if I’d had help writing it (no, I didn’t hear him wrong; he didn’t say I needed help, honest).

So I started thinking about my other stories. There was one about a girl who gets killed on the way to her wedding (And the Bride Wore Black – also available for free on Ether) and one about a girl who meets a man who decapitates her cat then pulls a knife out on her.

Cheery soul, aren’t I?


  1. Hehe I had similar morbid tendancies in school. At a similar age I wrote a story about a girl who topped herself and left all her possessions to her drug dealer to cover her debts.

    Also seem to remember spending quite a bit of time devising the perfect suicide method. Not because I wanted to do it, it was a purely intellectual exercise for my own morbid amusement.

  2. Author

    Your story sounds cool, do you still have it?

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