100 RPM–100 stories inspired by music

I’ve mentioned a couple of times about 100 RPM – the collection of 100-word stories I’ve got a story in – and now it’s available to buy on Amazon.

Here’s why you should buy it (in no particular order):

It’s got a fab cover;


an introduction by Nik Kershaw (I’M IN A BOOK WITH NIK KERSHAW, WHOOP!);

it contains 100 brilliant stories inspired by music – all 100 words long, so it’s perfect for a quick dip into if you’re bored at the bus stop or something; and

ALL the profit (i.e. after what Amazon takes) goes to the charity One in Four (a registered charity which provides support and resources to people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence); and

it’s only 99p on Amazon UK; or $1.55 on Amazon US.

If any of the above reasons aren’t a good enough reason to buy it, please leave a comment below (N.B. ‘You’ve got a story in it’ ISN’T a good enough reason).

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